• Water-Soluble, Edible Films
  • Technology Development
  • Helping Convert Concept to Reality
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Project Management

We can help you organize and manage your project.

  • concept and specifications
  • laboratory development
  • process development
  • scale-up to commercial production

We work with our clients to provide as much of this support as needed. We can work as a “team member” to provide technical support to project managers or we can assume full responsibility for sourcing of raw materials, creating the product specification, establishing the cost structure and organizing film manufacturing and retail packaging.

Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept - Water Soluble PolymersOur lab supports a rapid demonstration of new formulations for a quick, clear reduction to practice. We maintain an inventory of ingredients — polymers, plasticizers, surfactants, fibers, flavors, colors, and common active ingredients. We have advanced lab equipment to make films, foams and laminations, gels and many other product forms. We also have packaging materials and equipment to test and demonstrate the final steps of the process.

Product Development

Once initial samples are available, it is possible to outline and execute a complete product development program. JRF assumes responsibility for development and works closely with each client to be certain that performance criteria are met and are adjusted as needed to satisfy the client and meet market needs.


JRF matches our clients with the best manufacturers for their products — quality, production rate and capacity, economics and end product packaging capability. After lab testing and approvals, JRF manages all aspects of the transition to full-scale manufacturing including technology transfer, training and scale-up.