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About JRF Technology

JRF Technology, LLC was established in 2007 by James M. Rossman and Richard C. Fielder to provide consulting services in the field of water-soluble and edible polymers. James and Richard bring years of rich experience to the company having started up and managed businesses and technology in this field for a cumulative 80 years.

Expertise: Chemistry, Formulation, Mixing, Film Manufacturing

JRF has very deep knowledge of the chemistry, formulation, mixing/blending and film manufacturing processes used in the industry today. We also are broadly experienced in converting and packaging films into usable forms, such as film strips, die cut shapes and packages of all designs. Conversion of soluble polymer systems into gels, chews, tablets, beads, extruded shapes and liquid delivery systems is also within our field of expertise.

A significant part of our consultancy is to provide business analysis support to our clients. Market analysis, competitive offerings, technology scouting and strategic/tactical recommendations for entering a new market space can be provided. JRF also provides training in the highly specialized field of soluble polymers for our client’s R&D and manufacturing teams.

James M. Rossman, President


James RossmanJim has a BS in Chemical Engineering and more than 50 years of industry experience with water-soluble polymers and their commercial uses. He has helped create new commercial polymers; has started up two companies dedicated to the manufacture of water-soluble, edible and industrial films; has operated five different companies in the development and production of soluble films; and has been consulting widely in this field for the last ten years.

He has broad experience in strategy development, technology scouting, new product innovation, R&D, and process development with water-soluble polymers and films. His exposure to market applications is inclusive of food, nutraceutical and dietary supplements, personal care, household cleaning products, agricultural chemicals, water treatment and other industries as diverse as tobacco, paper processing, polarizers, textiles batteries and rocket fuel systems.

Jim has numerous patents, patent applications and publications in this field.

Richard C. Fielder, Managing Director


Richard FielderRichard has been engaged with manufacturing equipment since starting his career in a family business, Fielder Mixers, in the UK in 1984. He joined a start-up company in 1986 to commercialize a unique, blown film extrusion process for manufacturing water-soluble, polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) film and bags. He and his partners didn’t know that it couldn’t be done – so, their ultimate success was exceptional.

He moved to the United States in 1990 to manage the marketing of PVOH films and has remained here with five different companies – all engaged in developing and manufacturing water-soluble, edible or industrial films. Richard has been fully engaged in consulting in this field for the last 8 years.

Richard brings extensive, hands-on experience in adapting commercial machinery and processes to the manufacture of water-soluble end products. His many years of experience in formulating end products on the lab bench has become invaluable in the technology transfer of new products from R&D to commercial scale production.