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Water Soluble Polymers

JRF provides product and process development services for converting soluble polymers into value added commercial products. End products include films, coatings, foams, gels, extruded/molded shapes, beads, tablets and other innovative product forms.

We bring 80 years of combined industry experience to clients engaged in the food, nutraceutical, personal care, household cleaning, packaging and converting markets. JRF clients range from large, multi-national firms to innovative start-up companies.

Our product development laboratory and pilot scale facilities are available to transform products from concept to commercial reality. JRF maintains strong working relationships with manufacturers who have deep experience with converting soluble polymers into world class, commercial end products. We work closely to transfer technology from the lab bench through the manufacturing and packaging processes to commercial scale.

JRF can help with:

  • Technology scouting
  • Proof of concept
  • Formulation and product development
  • Validation of the manufacturing process
  • Technology transfer for commercial production
  • Coordination of packaging conversions